Biotique Shopping Spree.


I got a bunch of products from Biotique for my hair and a undereye cream.

Suffering from bad stress induced hair fall. My fine, thin, silky hair is getting finer, thinner and rough!  I have some undereye fine lines….not very bothered about it. Call me crazy but I kinda think it is cute 😛   Crows feet are a strict no, no though. Thankfully, don’t have any at the moment.

Time for something…..anything! And that is where Biotique comes in.

Hope I come around to reviewing these 🙂

Why Biotique?

1. It is trusted Indian brand in Ayurvedic products. It has been in the Indian market for as long as I can remember.

2. Had used some of its products as a teenager and had satisfactory results.

3. Claims to be “organically pure and preservative free”.

4. No animal testing; a special bonus for all the animal lovers.

5. Cheaper, if you compare with the other  similar products in the market like Shahnaz Hussein, Lush and The Body Shop.

BUT  and a big but here is they claim that their products are good to go for 3 years which I find hard to digest when propped up with claims of being preservative free. How an organic product can last for 3 years sans any preservative is beyond my understanding…..
I mean, take the example of Lush that claims a similar profile. It has a short time period within which the product should be used (usually a month or so or may be 6) and they won’t even deliver some products outside U.K. citing the extremely short shelf life making it unsuitable to be exported outside U.K.

And here is a snapshot of the stuff I got……

From top-bottom, left-right:

1. BIO MUSK ROOT. Fresh growth nourishing treatment mask; Intensive hair growth treatment. INR 199 for 230gms (USD ~4.47 for 8.11 oz.).

2.BIO HENNA. Fresh powder hair colour for dark hair.  INR 199 for 90gms (USD ~4.47 for 3.15 oz.).

3.BIO THYME. Fresh sparkle hair conditioner for fine and thinning hair. INR 159 for 210ml (USD ~3.57 for 8 fl.oz.).

4.BIO KELP. Fresh growth protein shampoo ; Intensive hair growth treatment. INR 159 for 210ml (USD ~3.57 for 8 fl.oz.).

5.BIO GREEN APPLE. Fresh daily purifying shampoo and conditioner; For oily hair and scalp.  INR 159 for 210ml (USD ~3.57 for 8 fl.oz.).

6.BIO BHRINGRAJ. Fresh growth therapeutic oil; Intensive hair growth treatment. INR  159 for 120ml (USD ~3.57 for 4.2fl.oz.).

7.BIO ALMOND SOOTHING AND NOURISHING EYE CREAM. For drylines, dark circles and puffiness. INR 199 for 16gms (USD ~4.47 for 0.6 oz.).

Hope these things work out for me. Will write a review after an appropriate time of usage.



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