Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin.


The Cetaphil brand is from the stables of Galderma, a pharmaceutical company that has base in many parts of the world, including India. This seems to be a popular brand with dermatologists, with my derms adding at least one or at times more products from this company.

Here is a snap shot of the product :

And the list of INGREDIENTS :


Was on strong formulation topical retinoids for acne  for some time and the face wash I was using was very harsh for my skin. I had been prescribed this face wash before and went back to it.


– It is a light gel-cream consistency, no fragrance. Here is a picture of how the product looks like :

-Spreads very easily and has a very light foaming action. The size of a 50p coin is more than sufficient for my oily skin (I guess people with normal/dry skin will need even less)  except on days when it is very hot making my skin go on an over drive of oil production, when I have to use twice the amount for thorough cleansing.

– I had no burning or stinging sensation when I used this face wash (I used this face wash while I was on retinoids for acne).

-Cleans off beautifully with water or tissue. Left no sticky residue / feel on my face.

No dryness or stretchy feel post wash.

Removed all the grime and oil effectively. Can’t say about make up because I do not use any.

No flaring up of acne.


DURATION OF USAGE :  Approximately 3months.


COST: INR 125.90 (USD ~2.8) for 125ml.



Perfect for skin that is sensitive or has become sensitive due to chemical peels etc…

-Cost effective.

-No fragrance.


None really, if you ask me but I do wish it had some antibacterial agent in it.  I do have to use a lot of the product on hot humid days to clean off the oil and muck completely, but that does not really bother me. At the end of the day, it does a good a job and that is what I am looking for.

P.S. : I would strongly recommend this product to people with sensitive skin issues. Also people with dry to normal skin are bound to love it.


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