Scrunchie Time!!


Well, this is not exactly what I would blog about but these scrunchies are so cute that I have to show them off   🙂

And the best part is, I got them dirt cheap. And who does not love a good deal??

Here goes the story…….

I was at the local market and went to one of those small roadside stalls run by aunties and uncles that sell a dazzling array of  mind numbing baubles for girls like hair clips, hair bands, bindis, bangles, custom jewellery etc. I got a boring black clutch for my hair, paid the lady and was walking away when suddenly one of the crowded storage paper boxes caught my eyes. I could see something purple shining through a plastic wrapper that was twice folded on itself and tucked away semi-hidden in one of the corners of the paper box.

The curious cat in me had her claws on that plastic and lo and behold, out pops the cutest scrunchies I have ever seen!

Bright yellow polka dot scrunchie with bunny splattered with golden-yellow sequins and topped up with a yellow satin bow.

Purple polka dot scrunchie with two layered heart trimmed with petal motif and flower print, topped up with a purple satin bow.

I have seen similar stuff in the upmarket shops like Westside, Shoppers Stop etc but the undeserving price tag of INR99 to 199 for something that is essentially a mix of cheap plastic and nylon glued together was scandalising and I never bought any.

But these two, I got  for INR 15 each!!

Believe it or not!

I don’t think I will ever use them. They are too cute!!


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