Parachute Advansed Therapie Hair Fall Control with Root Healing Complex.


Here a product from the company that manufactures Parachute coconut hair oil. I am sure many of you like me have memories of Parachute coconut oil from our childhood days. My friends mom was such a fan of it that every Sunday would be spent sitting in the sun in winters or under shade of a tree on hot days and a hard-core session of application of the coconut oil would ensue. My friend now has beautiful dark hair. Thick, straight, full of shine. You would mistake it for chemically straightened hair, but no gals……it is au natural.

Coming back to the Hair Fall Control  variant of Parachute… is a snapshot :

Here is what the package has to say about hair fall and the product :

Kindly note that it says that ''Not for hereditary hair fall. Not for hairfall due to medical conditions".

Here are the INGREDIENTS :

I like how the products listed above are herbal.

PRICE:INR 190 (USD  ~4.28) for 190ml.

Was suffering from stress induced hair loss. Lots of hair coming out in clumps. With the market littered with so many anti hair fall products, I picked this because I trust the brand.


(The product come with a leaflet in the box with further details about the oil and method of usage. That insert is long-lost by me, but here is how I used this hair oil….)
It says to use thrice a week, overnight. I used it every alternate night before bed and washed off the next morning.

-The bottle comes with a transparent cap with ml markings on it with a leaflet that advises the amount (ml) of oil to be used depending on you hair length. I did well without this addition.



-The oil has a pleasant herbal fragrance, nothing repulsive. It has a light brown colour to it and occasional blackish residues pour out with the oil. The leaflet said that it is absolutely harmless and a part of the oil ingredient.

The caramel coloured oil may show some black deposits but it is a harmless component of the oil.

-Nothing special about the application. It is to be used like just any other hair oil, preferably well massaged into the scalp.

-I left the oil overnight as per the recommendation. Washed off well with my usual shampoo (Garnier Fructis Long and Strong) the next morning.

-Did not notice any change in the hair loss until after the second week when the hair loss gradually started to decrease. In a period of  around 2months, my hair fall stopped completely.

-The best thing about this product is that it not only rid me of my hair loss but also MARKEDLY IMPROVED THE TEXTURE OF MY HAIR. I had some botched up chemical hair treatment at the salon which had made my hair rough, brittle, split-ended. Use of this product got my hair back at its feet and gave strength and softness to my hair. Also, the split ends never came back! This is the reason why I continued to use the hair oil even after the hair fall stopped.

-I suffered from stress induced hair loss around 4-5months back. Again!!  I got this hair oil. Used it religiously for 3months until giving up. This second time somehow, it did not stop my hair loss. Don’t know why, don’t know how…..


Definitely. It worked beautifully the first time around. It not only stopped my hair loss,  but remarkably improved the hair quality. I hold no grouse that it did not work the second time around. Who know what could be the reason.
This is an effective and very cheap product with so many benefits. I have used Vichy  Dercos (cost a BOMB) which did nothing for my hair. I would really advice you to look into this product if  you are suffering from hair loss.

However, please keep in mind that, as stated in the product package, this product is NOT FOR HEREDITARY HAIR FALL. NOT FOR HAIR FALL DUE TO MEDICAL CONDITIONS.
So if you have male pattern baldness, you would do better with a hair transplant. If you have hair loss due to some fungal infection, see a dermatologist. Rest of you……join the fan club 🙂


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