Starting this ‘extra curricular’ activity as I have some time to kill. Don’t know if I will actually get around to penning down something and even if I do, for how long. After all, there are still websites waiting for me to put in my first order, coupons waiting to be redeemed, email accounts waiting to be closed, shoes waiting to be sent to the cobbler for mending, books waiting to be read beyond the first few pages. And as the wise men say……”history repeats itself”. You get the drift….. 🙂

Acute interest in facial aesthetics. Working towards that although in a different way than I had imagined while growing up. Things are better actually  if you think about it in the worldly practical sense, but this is not exactly what I wanted 🙂

Curious about life and all the accompanying trappings of it. Wish to explore the world, scared to move out of the house alone after dark.

Love the notion of romance, beach side candle lit dinners, fragrant bouquets. But strongly believe that only flowers are a complete waste of money. That they look prettier when attached to a stalk that is in turn attached to the roots covered by mud. That beach side candle lit dinners are a complete rip off. That the candles are bound to attract insects and ruin the taste of the food.

Well…. I am drifting away again….

Please note that the products reviewed by me are based on my personal experience and that what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. Different strokes for different folks! Remember, these posts are not some doctors advise that you need to follow!!  These posts are the wandering thoughts of a gal with lots of  time to kill (for now). Follow at your own risk! 😉


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