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Soapy Time with Anti Acne Soaps.


I am a sucker for anti-acne stuff. Being struck with acne at the age of 13 does that to you! I have tried so many lotions, potions, concoctions etc etc etc things that I could write volumes of books about it.

Needless to say, I get intrigued  whenever I see any anti-acne stuff. Like today when I went to the local pharmacy. I saw rows of soaps neatly lined up with the glass partition open as if sending me out an invite through the airwaves!

I do suffer from body acne every now and then, so these will do good I guess. I have also used medicated soaps  (not these and different formulations) in the past with mixed results. I use these medicated soaps on face as well; causes dryness post usage as expected, but nothing a good non-comedogenic moisturizer cannot handle.

I saw around 6 types of soaps for acne with different formulations. Two I did not purchase because they had only Triclosan as the main ingredient and I get resistant to it after about 2 weeks of continued usage.

I got 3 soaps and here they are :

From top to bottom:

1. ACNESTAR 2.5% soap containing 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide as the active agent.
INR43.50 (USD ~0.98) for a 75gms pack.
I am hoping that in spite of the cheesy name (acne-“star”….seriously!!) it works well. After all, Benzoyl Peroxide is something that   many acne sufferers swear by.

Contains a whole list of stuff (Triclosan, Zinc, Salicylic acid , Willow extract, Tea tree oil, Olive oil, Aloe, Glycerine etc)
INR 115 (USD ~2.59) for a 75gms pack.
The icy blue colour of the inner pack is appealing. I hope the soap is of the same cool colour!

3. PAKNET Bar, Anti acne oil control formula.
Contains Sulphonated Surfactant Blend 6.38% as the key ingredient.
INR 69 (USD ~1.55) for 100gms.
I am really wondering what is the story behind the name of this soap!

I still have to finish Cetaphil face wash. Will start with these all one by one once I am done with Cetaphil.

Will use them for a decent period and then write about them.



Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam.


Leaflet I got at the Sebamed counter.

Sebamed is a relatively new entrant in the Indian market of skin care. 

It is dermatologist developed range ( as stated in the official Indian website).

It’s clinching tag is that its products are of pH5.5 which is the skins natural pH and thus (I quote) “work without altering your skins pH level”.


Coming to the product I am telling you about today :

This comes in a handy plastic pump bottle.

INR550 (USD ~12.40) for 150ml.


-The complete list is not given on the bottle.
-They have mentioned one “Montaline C40“, “coconut oil based antibacterial active ingredient” that “combats bacteria and prevents the formation of new pimple”.
-“Panthenol  supports the regeneration of the irritated and infected pores”.

DIRECTION OF USE as give  on the bottle :
“Use mornings and evenings. Dispense a small amount of foam with the pump applicator into the palm of your hand and massage gently into the skin, avoiding eye area. Allow foam to penetrate the skin for 5mins to combat bacteria before rinsing thoroughly with water”.

Was at the pharmacy for something else. The lady at the Sebamed counter showed me the range and since anything promising acne remedy gets me all dreamy-eyed, I chose this one.

MY EXPERIENCE with the product :
The bottle when shaken gives the feel of  a watery agent and the pump dispenser works very well and smoothly to dispense the foam. Just one pump of product gives out a significant amount of foaming when you wash your face.

The first time I used it, my skin felt sticky. I thought maybe the cleanser amount was insufficient for my oily skin and washed again, but the skin feeling persisted.

This sticky feel was a major kill-joy for me. After a few uses (four, to be precise), I gave it up. I cannot deal (psychologically) with products that give my oily acne prone skin a sticky feel. All you people out there with similar skin profile must be understanding how I felt 🙂

I personally cannot comment about its anti acne action as I did not use it long enough.

I gave away this product to a friend who has a combination skin profile with occasional breakouts. Here is what she experienced:
It worked very well for her (using it for 2 months now). She says that it cleans away the dirt and grime without drying out the skin.
-She has no sticky after feel.
-She is using only this face wash for her (minor) acne breakout of  inflamed variety and it is controlling her acne issue.
She is loving it and intends to buy it when this bottle gets over.

So, as you can see what worked for her did not work for me.  

I guess it does work for people with acne prone skin. I did not use it long enough to see its effect.

This is not for me. I cannot deal with the sticky feeling it gave me. But I guess, it can work (without sticky feel) for many people like it did for my friend. After all, different stroke for different folks. 🙂